Davis Marin Incorporated & Robert Davis Construction

Brothers Scott & Bob Davis are proud to be in business with each other working as general building contractors. In this site, you will find information on the projects completed, in progress and future aspirations. Projects range in valuation from small to up to 5 million.

Davis/Marin Incorporated covers the Bay Area projects. Robert Davis Construction covers the Central Valley.

We realize the importance of budgets, schedules, minimizing impact on existing tenants and producing a very nice finished product. Relationships with building owners, tenants, design professionals, real estate professionals and building governing agencies have always been of upmost importance and always will be as such. We are always flexible and think we are easy to work with. Construction in our heritage goes back four generations, perhaps more. Whether you are in the Bay Area or Central Valley, we have you covered! We are proud of our accomplishments and it is a pleasure to share some of them with you.

A Long History of General Contracting

Below is a list of links that lead to a few of the many projects we've had the opportunity to take pictures of. The site is under construction and will be far more functional and asthetically pleasing. It shall be completed by June, 2012. You can access these page links via the "Project Porfolio" menu above too.