Besides general engineering projects, we also take on various other endeavors.


This brick elevator tower was built to match the historical facade on the Hand Hall building at the University of the Pacific. We installed a hydraulic elevator in the tower.

Marquee / Water Feature

We installed two electronic marquee signs at San Joaquin Delta Community College. The water feature included extensive masonry work and landscaping


Stockton Collegic International Charter School

Extensive interior improvements to historical buildings for a 700 student K-12 charter school. Including major structural life stafety and virtually all construction trades.

Henery Apartments

Located in Stockton, CA, the Henery Apartments were designed by predominate bay area architect Glenn Allen and built during the early part of the 1900's. At the time they were the most luxurious apartments in town. Currently the building is in rundown condition. We are working on a feasability study and budget to restore the building to it's former glory. The building is listed on the register of historical buildings.